Guilford Nonprofit Consortium

Get Involved

Learn about and provide financial support to local nonprofits.

The organizations that are Consortium members have made a commitment to personal development, growth, and positive impact in our community. Explore the member directory for details about our numerous members, their community service endeavors, and ways you can contribute to their success.

Become a Consortium Supporter.

You can join the Consortium to stay up-to-date on member news and more.

Contribute to the Consortium’s scholarship program.

Many nonprofit organizations would benefit from participating in our Board Development Academy, Executive Leadership Academy, and other programming. These programs are offered at a break-even cost for nonprofit members, yet some do not have the budget to participate. When you contribute to a scholarship fund, you’re strengthening the sector and building future leaders.

Consider serving on the board of a local nonprofit organization.

Board leadership is critical to a thriving nonprofit organization. If you’re interested in serving, please take this quick survey to tell us about your skills and interests so we can connect you with nonprofits who are seeking board members. You will have access to a free “Introduction to Board Service” workshop to learn more about board service, then be invited to a speed-dating event with nonprofit organizations (each will be held quarterly).

Join the Consortium Consultant Network.

If you have a business that provides products or services that would benefit our nonprofit members, consider joining the Consortium Consultant Network. This gives you the opportunity to provide three hours of pro bono service to a local nonprofit, while enjoying more connections to other consultants and to the sector as a whole.