Guilford Nonprofit Consortium


About the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium

Joining the Consortium is easy! Go to the “Join” tab at the top of the page or click here.

  • $50/year for small nonprofit organizations with an annual budget under $250,000
  • $75/year for medium nonprofit organizations with an annual budget between $250,000 & $750,000
  • $100/year for large nonprofit organizations with an annual budget exceeding $750,000

Yes! You can support the Consortium’s work in a few other ways:

  • Consultant members are businesses and individuals who work with nonprofit organizations and want to give back to our community. They commit to providing a few hours of pro bono service each year to members (for example, by running a workshop, providing coaching services, etc.), meet regularly to share trends and to learn from one another, and to help set direction for programming. Dues for consultant members is $50/year.
  • Consortium supporters are individuals and organizations committed to building the capacity of Guilford County nonprofits but who don’t fit into the categories of “nonprofit” or “consultant.” If you like what the Consortium does for the community or have benefitted from our services, this is a great way to give back.

In some situations, Consortium staff can connect you with members of our Consultant Network who volunteer time to support members. For more complex challenges, Consortium staff can provide connections to individuals/organizations that may be helpful to you and who will likely charge for their services (for example, developing strategic plans, marketing assistance, legal issues, bookkeeping, etc.). You can request help here.

Common Questions: Nonprofit Organizations

You’re in luck! Our good friends at the Bryan School of Business at the University of North Carolina – Greensboro have made the process a little easier for you.

Congratulations and welcome to the nonprofit sector! Here are some specific actions to take now to learn more about running a nonprofit:

  • Join the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium to gain access to expert resources, free and low-cost training, community connections, and other supports. See the benefits here.
  • Do your research. Learn as much as you can about the sector and the community. Free webinars and other online resources are available when you sign up at Candid. Meet with your nonprofit librarian at the High Point Public Library or the Greensboro Public Library (Central) to understand what other resources are available to you.
  • Develop the business plan (if you haven’t already done so). What products/programs/services will you offer? Who will you serve and/or what gap does the organization fill? How will you fund operations and programming? Who will deliver the services? With whom are you partnering?
    • See sample business plans here.
    • Connect with our partners at SCORE to take a business plan development workshop and/or to get connected with a mentor.
    • Learn more about fundraising. The Consortium offers a variety of workshops and has a partnership with Association of Fundraising Professionals of the Triad to deliver a low-cost revenue.
  • Engage the organization’s board of directors. Learn more about the important roles board members play – and the duties they must uphold – to support the organization. Participate in an upcoming Board Development Academy through the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium.

Here are some free and low-cost resources you can consider:

  • Learn about solid fundraising practices. There are several free resources available, including free resources on Candid. Join a Fundraising Professionals Learning Colloborative group webinar, hosted monthly by the Consortium and the Association of Fundraising Professionals of the Triad, to connect with local fundraising professionals and to learn from national experts.
  • Learn about how grants can help support the organization. Your nonprofit librarian in Greensboro and High Point will soon become your best friend. Join the Consortium for one of our monthly field trips to the library to meet other nonprofit leaders and to understand the resources available to you through the library. Or make an appointment by clicking here for Greensboro and here for High Point. The Consortium also holds grant writing workshops several times each year for members, so watch our events board for dates and times.

Other FAQs

Thank you for your commitment to making Guilford County a better place by offering your time and talent. Check our Member Directory to learn more about the organizations within the community, what they do, and contact information. You can also visit The Volunteer Center of the Triad to see what opportunities exist.

Thank you for using your treasure to advance the work of local nonprofits. Consortium members are committed to enhancing their individual and organizational capacity to deliver upon their missions. We invite you to look at the member directory to support organizations whose missions align with your interests.

Thanks for considering this important role. If you are interested in serving, you can complete this form. The Consortium is working to connect community members with nonprofit organizations that would benefit from your time and talent.