Pro Bono Consulting at Guilford Nonprofit Consortium

Pro Bono Consulting

Would you like to talk over and receive some guidance for your non-profit organization? The non-profit consultant will meet with you from 1 to 3 hours to discuss your situation, help you define the most significant issues, and develop some preliminary action steps.

Member Consultant List


In order for us to match you with a consultant with the right background and experience please let us know which of the following areas you would like to discuss.

Find Out What’s Available

See the categories below with examples. Does one of these fit your needs? If so, apply for up to three pro bono hours from a GNPC consultant.

If You Don’t See It…

If you need a GNPC Consultant for a project that goes beyond the pro bono program or it’s not listed below, email the GNPC staff to talk it over.

Pro Bono Consulting Offerings

BoardsFundraisingOrganization ManagementSuccession PlanningExecutive CoachingMarketing & PRCollaboration & PartnershipsStrategic PlanningHuman ResourcesFinancial ManagementTeam Building/Team Development
Board Development & Governance

  1. Working effectively with your Board (for the CEO and Management Team)
  2. Working effectively with your CEO and Management Team (for the Board or Executive Committee)
  3. Board Structure and Committees

  1. Campaign Readiness Assessment
  2. Fundraising Role of the Board
  3. Basics of Nonprofit Fundraising
Organization Structure and Management

  1. Problem-related assessment of organizational structure
  2. Problem-related assessment of management structure
Succession Planning

  1. Basics of Succession Planning
Executive Coaching

  1. Specific problem-related, 3 hours direct coaching
Marketing & PR

  1. Specific project-related, 3 hours direct assistance
Collaborations & Partnership Development

  1. Opportunity and Motivation Survey
  2. Asset Mapping with Potential Partners
Strategic Planning / Business Plan / Program Plan Development

  1. Planning Readiness (Strategic, Business or Program)
  2. Planning Models: Which one is right for you?
Human Resources

  1. Specific issue-related, 3 hours direct assistance
Financial Management

  1. QuickBooks Technical Assistance
  2. Cash Flow Management
  3. Setting Up Nonprofit Guidance
  4. Best Financial Practices for a Start-up nonprofit organization