In partnership with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, The HR Group Inc. is providing human resource support and advice to Consortium member nonprofits through the HR Help Desk.

We can answer your questions about:

  • employee disciplinary issues
  • terminating an employee
  • interviewing and hiring employees
  • interpreting policies and procedures
  • completing HR forms
  • form I-9 questions
  • what to include in personnel file
  • writing job descriptions

The HR Group will respond to your question within one business day. Be sure to include the name of your organization, your title, and as much information as possible in your e-mail. There is no charge for any advice or information that can be provided by a single response. If additional research is required to respond to a member inquiry, The HR Group will discuss billing arrangements prior to any expenses being incurred.

The HR Group, Inc.

The HR Group, Inc. was established in Greensboro in 2002 by David Moff, SPHR, and Patsy Wiggins, SPHR. Its mission: to partner with business enterprises to help them achieve their goals through effective human resource initiatives.

David Moff, SPHR, is our CEO and has headed the human resource function for large and small international organizations and has built HR systems from the ground up. His specialties include team building, executive coaching and performance management.

Patsy Wiggins, SPHR, is president and COO of The HR Group. Having led the human resource function in fast-paced environments including manufacturing and service industries, she specializes in employee handbooks, recruiting and HR law compliance.