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Thank you for visiting Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, your source for career information. Our goal is to match employers with qualified job candidates and to match job seekers with jobs where they will excel, and enjoy working.

HR Help Desk

In partnership with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, The JER HR Group Inc. is providing human resource support and advice to Consortium member nonprofits through the HR Help Desk. Check out the resources available to Consortium members!

Pro Bono Consulting

Would you like to talk over and receive some guidance for your non-profit organization? The non-profit consultant will meet with you up to 3 hours, help define significant issues, and develop preliminary action steps.

Financial Help Desk

As a benefit of Consortium membership, you are entitled to use this free service to submit questions on financial management, accounting, and compliance issues involving your member organization. We are committed to providing a timely and accurate answer to your question.