Welcome to the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium!  Thank you for your membership in the Consortium and we look forward to serving you and your nonprofit.  Please read further for information regarding important member benefits.

Google Group.  The Google Group is our primary means of communication with our members and the way to receive notices of Consortium programs as well as other information pertinent to our members. If there are others on your staff or board who would like to receive our notices, please email their names and email addresses to cmaurer@guilfordnonprofits org.  If you find that you are receiving too many email messages from us, let us know and we can change your subscription to “Digest” which means you will only receive one email per day with a summary of all of the messages sent in that one particular day.  Note:  The addresses you indicated on your application/registration form will also be added to the Google Group.   If you would like to post events or announcements to the group please send the information to guilfordnonprofits@gmail.com.

Facebook.  Please follow us on Facebook Here. We often post events or announcements on Facebook and share good news from our nonprofit friends.