HIrsch Wellness Network
December 26, 2018
Greensboro and other neighboring communities
Job Type
Inside Guilford County
Street Address
1250 Revolution Mill Drive, Studio 130
Apply for the position to this email address


Hirsch Wellness Network is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Greensboro, NC providing healing arts and wellness programs designed for cancer survivors and caregivers.  Programs are held within the Hirsch Center, our beautiful art studio at Historic Revolution Mill, and on-site at Cone Health Cancer Centers; where group programs for adults are provided at the Healing Arts table in the Lobby in Greensboro, and one-on-one Art Cart activities are offered within the chemotherapy infusion rooms in Greensboro and Reidsville Centers.

The Program Manager will oversee all programs to maintain a level of professionalism, care, culture and quality that has been established over the past 10 years.  The manager will engage with patients and class participants, manage class registrations and database, schedule and coordinate artists and volunteers, procure and organize art supplies, maintain budgets, collect evaluations to create reports for review, and communicate with community partners.


-Maintain Hirsch Center Art Studio and Volunteer Office 

-Connect with Community Partners and hospital staff at Cancer Centers

-Collaborate with artists to plan and coordinate all programs; schedule artists and manage art supplies

-Solicit and schedule volunteers and track hours

-Oversee Participant class registrations and create patient engagement opportunities

-Manage program budgets

-Gather artist evaluations and volunteer journals, create reports for review

-Document patient surveys and create report for review

-Manage patient contact database, create regular email follow-up

-Oversee Hirsch social media staff

-Assist in events and publicity efforts for the programs (Schedule to be determined)


The successful candidate will be organized and people-oriented, possess a professional phone presence, have excellent writing and computer skills, experience in Microsoft Office and 365 email.  Applicants must manage time well and be self-motivated, requiring minimal direction once grounded in the position.

-4 year degree preferred

-Interest in Arts and Wellness

-Experience in social media a plus

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