Junior Achievement of the Triad
July 30, 2019
Job Type
Inside Guilford County
Street Address
3220 Northline Avenue
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Applicants should send cover letter and resume with title in subject line to info@triadja.org.

COMPANY SUMMARY: Junior Achievement of the Triad’s purpose is to inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy. Junior Achievement currently reaches almost 25,000 students annually across six counties through volunteer delivery of relevant, hands-on learning experiences that teach young people how to manage their money, plan for their economic future, start a business and develop readiness for career and college.

Junior Achievement associates are known for their passion for the JA mission that brings together business and education to work with students in kindergarten through high school so they are empowered to own their economic success. Members of the team interact with community leaders who support JA with their time, treasure and talent.

COMPANY CULTURE: Junior Achievement of the Triad offers a positive, collaborative work environment and the opportunity to impact the lives of young people in our community. We uphold these core values in alignment with Junior Achievement USA: belief in the boundless potential of young people; commitment to the principles of market-based economics and entrepreneurship; passion for what we do and honesty, integrity and excellence in how we do it; respect for the talents, creativity, perspectives and backgrounds of all individuals; belief in the power of partnership and collaboration; and conviction in the educational and motivational impact of relevant, hands-on learning. Added to these values are specific behavioral competencies found in this job description.

POSITION CONCEPT: This position is a critical member of the investor relations team managing a portfolio of existing investors and creating a pipeline of new investors. The position is responsible for conducting face-to-face solicitation and generating written proposals and reports for all revenue line items including corporations, foundations and individuals.



Makes investors happy by consistently effecting those duties and responsibilities listed below.

Learns and shares community challenges and presents organization as the thought leader and solutions provider by passionately articulating Junior Achievement’s mission, vision and value proposition.

Presents opportunities to potential investors to facilitate positive impact on the community.

Listens and identifies opportunities to provide strategic guidance and support to expand existing partnerships and increase investments.

Responsible for maximizing every interaction with every stakeholder for the greater good of the organization and community.

Conducts stewardship activities in compliance with stewardship plan.

Shares enhancement ideas and feedback with the investor relations teams.

Keeps investor data in the system as up-to-date and complete as possible.



1.    College degree preferred.

2.    1-4 years of experience in sales, account management or similar client-facing role preferred.

3.    Purpose-driven individual committed to making a difference.

4.    Natural ability to foster and grow relationships.

5.    Eager to pursue new partnerships to facilitate community impact.

6.    Enjoys being in the community and has access to a reliable vehicle.

7.    Expert at juggling dozens of competing demands and managing limited time.

8.    Acts as a liaison between investors and internal organization team members.


At Junior Achievement of the Triad we consistently exemplify to each other and to all stakeholders the following interdependent values and associated behaviors. The bedrock for the successful achievement of the JA mission on an ever-increasing basis is a commitment to safeguarding a sound behavioral culture that unleashes our best ideas for the benefit of all stakeholders and the community at large.

We act with trust, integrity and honor in every interaction with each other and our stakeholders no matter the circumstance or situation.

We operate with a growth mindset and we are role models of the sound economic principles we impart to students. We believe every transaction with every stakeholder holds within it the possibility that through our programs one more student has the opportunity for greater economic success and one more teacher has an effective set of tools to launch a student’s future.

We are responsible, independent thinkers while realizing the synergies of teamwork create a multiplying effect of sound ideas. We practice collaboration. We solve challenges in a rational, facts-based manner. We come to any decision-making or problem-solving table prepared to genuinely participate. We invite an understanding of each other’s perspectives and work through our differences with the goal of doing what is in the best interest of our organization as opposed to any one individual or group.

We enjoy open, candid and non-malicious discussions to increase the quality of work efforts, stimulate creativity and efficiencies and respect the human spirit. Gossip, negativity, breaches of trust, blaming, fault-finding or making excuses erode our culture and are not tolerated for any reason because these behaviors diminish the organization and our collective well-being. We practice critique as opposed to criticism. We critique at the beginning, during and at the end of any process, event or planning session. We actively seek out suggestions for continuous improvement.

Each staff member strives and achieves professional development by working to grow in skill, knowledge and maturity. We have a responsibility to pursue development in order to effectively serve all stakeholders.

Attitude is everything at Junior Achievement of the Triad. Believing in the best in ourselves and others is an inherent part of who we are and is a crucial part of our mission. We positively influence our work environment, both internally and externally. “It is not in my job description,” does not exist at our organization. As team members, there is no task we are unwilling to do.

This position description was developed in collaboration with Joan H. Wilson, CPC, The Joan Wilson Company.