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One Step Further, Inc.
Greensboro, NC
Salary Range
$50/2-Hour Session X 10 Weeks

A Family Factor Program Class Instructor is an advisor, advocate, and resource to Family Factor-involved LGBTQ youth and their families. The facilitator is responsible for identifying and exploring the intellectual, social, cultural, recreational, and educational needs of these youth and caregivers through weekly instructor-guided sessions over a period of ten weeks. The facilitator, in collaboration with the Program Director, will conduct classes to address the primary focus of the family Factor Program, namely the issue of family rejection of LGBTQ youth and how this rejection contributes to high risk factor behaviors.


• Provide a safe and secure environment where both youth and their caregiver feel comfortable.
• Execute the lesson plans given by the program director.
• Assist in the development and implementation of the evidence based curriculum.
• Provide suggestions to improve or modify learning modules
• Understand comfort levels, biases, and prejudices about LGBTQ issues, sex, gender, and sexual orientation and
how they can impact both youth and adult participants
• Understand how societal ideologies and practices affect LGBTQ persons and their families.
• Be aware of theories of sexual orientation formation.
• Understands social, constructionist and biological perspectives.
• Understands confidentiality and its limits.
• Understands that boundary issues can be difficult in small, close communities such as the LGBTQ community
• Understand homophobia and heterocentrism.


• A degree in a human service related field OR a combination of experience and knowledge of LGBTQ topics; prior experience working with youth and/or families (preferred)
• Knowledge of the LGBTQ community, issues faced, and cutting edge solutions and resolution suggestions
• Excellent oral and written skills
• Comfortableness speaking to small groups
• Core Competencies :
 Management skills
 Organizational skills
 Interpersonal skills
 Team building skills