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Greensboro Jaycees
Greensboro, NC
Full Time
Salary Range


The Greensboro Jaycees’ Director of Marketing will serve as the primary liaison between the organization and the Triad community. The focus of this role will be on attracting and retaining members for the organization as well as managing day-to-day and long term marketing efforts.

Among general responsibilities associated with managing the organization’s office, the Executive Director will:

• Lead the Jaycees’ focus area of recruiting new members and retaining current members through both marketing efforts as well as social and volunteer opportunities for the membership
• Work with the Jaycees’ Board as it seeks to implement various projects throughout the community
• Facilitate opportunities for Members to interact with other community organizations and work on key projects
• Implement projects and initiatives while keeping in mind the mission, vision, and values of the Jaycees
• Manage the communication efforts of the organization and ensure that Members and others in the community are aware of opportunities presented by the Jaycees

Specific Job Responsibilities (subject to change as position evolves):

• Direct and coordinate the work of attracting new Members and retaining current Members
• Help the Board facilitate the monthly Membership meeting and monthly social event
• Attend the monthly Board meeting
• Coordinate the activities and efforts of the various Committees as needed
• Provide support at Jaycees events as needed
• Assist the Board Treasurer with managing the organization’s budget
• Maintain project budgets in conjunction with the applicable Vice President in charge of an individual project
• Identify current and potential Members who could assist in advancing the organization’s mission
• Write articles, news releases, grant applications, reports, and other documents as necessary
• Speak to other organizations (both officially and as part of general networking) on behalf of the Jaycees
• Marketing Communications:
o Manage websites and social media efforts
o Manage Jaycees’ communication, outreach, and marketing efforts
o With Board support, coordinate outreach efforts within the community
• Meet with stakeholders and support local initiatives as needed
• Ensure involvement of and contact with volunteers
• Recruit and supervise interns as needed

(1) Base salary of 30k
(2) Bonus compensation up to 16k

Applicant is required to have at a minimum of a four year college degree.
Minimum of 2+ years of non-profit work experience with leadership or project management experience.
Applicant must be able to pass a background check, credit check and drug test.