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Operation Xcel
Stokesdale, NC
Salary Range

Deliver both group and individualized lessons to support children who are below level in math. Be responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring a plan of remedial instruction. The plan shall address identification, diagnosis and development. Communicate with the parents, and prospective customers to ensure quality instruction and excellent customer satisfaction.


• Conducting assessments to determine student math levels and to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and match these skills with appropriate techniques and materials
• Instructs staff on diagnosing strengths and weaknesses and matching these skills with appropriate techniques and materials.
• Promote interest in math.
• Contributes to the design of the program for each child via an individual tutoring plan (ITP) and revise ITP as needed by creating individual plans to match student ability and learning style
• Guiding children through activities that help them overcome their specific math struggles
• Consulting with parents and teachers to recommend at-home strategies for math skill improvement
• Working with Site Manager and Lead Tutor to procure materials on literacy education
• Coordinating math intervention and skill building programs
• Ensures child’s physical safety
• Observes and provides written & oral feedback to tutors, parents and the Site Manager
• Maintain written records and evaluations of students.
• Provide data collected for program evaluation
• Helps analyze data collected during teaching
• Follow all established procedures
• Collaborate and communicate with school personnel, the community, parents on individual student’s behalf
• Communicate student progress to parents, staff and schools as required
• May serve as group instruction teacher


Minimum Qualifications (Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills):
1. Four-year degree from a college or university in math
2. Exceptional organizational skills
3. Three years of teaching experience.
4. Experience with afterschool programs.
5. Ability to use curriculum and methodologies to teach quickly and accurately
6. Demonstrates a professional physical appearance according to published guidelines
7. Demonstrates superior tutoring skills with children

Desired qualifications:
1. Master's degree in math or within 6 hours of earning a Master's degree.
2. Current enrollment in a program leading to certification in math instruction. The expectation is that the applicant will complete the program.
3. Experience with integrated curriculum.
4. Experience in providing staff development for adults.
5. Experience in a like position.

To apply, please send resume and cover letter to jobs@operationxcel.org