In 2003, Weaver Foundation and the Community Foundation were instrumental in the exploring the interest in and need for the Consortium. Facilitated by a Leadership Greensboro project team, nonprofit stakeholders in our community defined the need for and dimensions of a capacity building consortium. The question they sought to answer was: “How might nonprofits come together as a community and build capacities among and between nonprofits as a way to creatively meet some of these growing challenges?” In 2004, more than 100 nonprofit organizations stepped forward to form the initial membership of the Consortium and local foundations came together to fund the Consortium so that annual dues could be kept to a minimum.

In late 2007, as administrator and fiscal agent for the Consortium, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro conducted interviews with more than 40 nonprofit organizations and funders of nonprofits throughout Guilford County. Those interviews indicated that the Consortium is valued as the local means for nonprofits to connect with, learn from and collaborate with one another, as well as keep abreast of opportunities and best practices within the County. In April of 2008, representatives of nine nonprofit organizations shared with representatives of Consortium funders stories of how the connections they had made through the Consortium had positively impacted the effectiveness of their organizations.

Consortium Events

  • Roundtable discussions for Executive Directors, board chairs and financial staff of nonprofits
  • Monthly Tech Thursday presentations
  • An annual celebratory event that recognizes the contributions nonprofits make to the community

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