2013 Recipient: Debbie Palat, Consultant, The Latittude Group

Debbie PalatDebbie was recognized with a commemorative award for her unprecedented pro-bono service by a nonprofit consultant to the Consortium and our local nonprofit sector. Listed below are some of the qualities for which Debbie received this prestigious award:

  • Debbie has for a number of years now, served as consultant manager of the ED Roundtable program committee; leading graduates of the ED Academy and the Nonprofit Management Institute in designing and producing programming for Consortium ED Roundtables.
  • She serves on the Consortium Program Committee and Board Development Academy Design Committee.
  • She is a participant in the Consortium Consultants’ Roundtable.
  • Debbie is a strong and dedicated advocate for the Consortium, encouraging her clients and acquaintances to explore and join the Consortium.
  • Debbie is also makes herself available to our member organizations whenever they call.
  • Debbie is an exceptional role model for volunteerism and for consultants in showing that by freely giving to the local nonprofit sector, one can build a viable nonprofit consulting practice.
  • Debbie also serves as a faculty member for the Board Development Academy.