2012 Recipient: Erin Stratford Owens, Executive Director of The Barnabas Network

2012 Service Award RecipientErin was recognized with a commemorative award for her generous and seemingly limitless service to the Consortium and our local nonprofit sector. Listed below are some of the qualities for which Erin received this prestigious award:

  • Erin is currently the Chair of the Consortium Program Committee.
  • She serves on the Consortium Steering Committee.
  • Erin is a graduate of the ED Academy and has served on the committee that produces Consortium ED Roundtables.
  • She serves on the committee that is exploring nonprofit cooperatives for shared space and shared services and has traveled to Baltimore representing the Consortium for a meeting with the Center for Nonprofit Networks to learn more about developing nonprofit cooperatives.
  • Erin also represents the Consortium whenever called upon with funders and at Consortium gatherings.
  • Finally, Erin has just accepted a mentor role for a younger, less experienced ED member of the Consortium.
  • Erin is truly a role model for the local sector in her service to her organization, to the Consortium and to her colleagues.